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Over the Moon

Starter Question Program

(25 per month)

$59.99 per month

Builder Question Program

(unlimited per month)

$89.99 per month

No Set up fee

(No commitment required)

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Customer Service Review

Will your customer tell you to your face if there is something wrong?

78% will say no 
15% will say maybe 
7% actually will

Isn’t it important to find out how they really feel before asking them to give you an internet review?

Our Customer Service Review program:

Asks the question “How Was Your Experience?”

They can answer with “Awesome” or “Could Improve.” With a “Could Improve” click, a dialog box comes up and asks them to tell you like it was. If they say “Awesome” they are presented with your options for giving an Internet Review.


Page for single entry or use CSV file to upload all at once.

TED Campaign – Automated Text, Email, Drip program for consistent messaging to keep you top of mind until they are ready.


Everything in Over the Moon plus…

Individual review request tracking dashboard.

See and schedule all social media post in one place.

Monthly Citation and directory listing review.

$299 per month

$250 one time set up fee

(6-month commitment required)

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Program includes:
All that is in the “Over the Moon” program plus:

When we set up your account, we will start you off with making sure the citation/directory listing services keep your contact information accurate and directing people to you. This is done for you as part of the setup. You may update the information after at any time and it will be automatically sent to all sites.

Send customized invitations to review your company (individual or upload a CSV file) online.

Review tracking program tells you when your customer has received, read, clicked and reviewed your company. This is great to remind customers/clients to review you when they haven’t after a week or so.

A comprehensive dashboard for your reviews helps you keep track of your reviews from many sources and you can respond to each with ease. This really is a simple solution to take care of reviews.

See all of your social media accounts on one dashboard and then schedule or directly post to each one. This makes it easy it is to get social media going now!

One time setup fee is $250
$299 per month thereafter


Everything in the Sunlight program and…

Track all 5-star review requests, and
re-submits if necessary.

Schedules and Monitor Social Media accounts. Post 2 times on 4 platforms per week.

Our staff sends and responds to the review request for you.

$599 per month

$450 one time set up fee

12-month commitment required

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The SuperNova program includes everything in the “Sunlight” program, and also includes:

We monitor all of your citations and directory listing continually to make sure they stay correct and we will update as you need.

Our professional staff will send the reviews for you company when you send us a CSV file and we will monitor the status and resend as needed to ensure getting as many reviews as we can.

We will also respond for you to your reviews (we may need to discuss negative reviews with you before we respond) but our professional staff will make sure you get the best results from your responses to the reviews. This is for up to 100 reviews per month.

We will also send a message to each of the people that reviewed you and ask them for referrals for you (in your name)

We will monitor your social media accounts for comments about you and will schedule posts for you, depending on level you want us to do.

One time setup fee is $450

$599 per month thereafter


What People Are Saying

I have had the best experience with Reputation-Revolution. Everything on one dashboard and easy to navigate. I can’t say enough good about my experience.

Dick C.

Travel Agency

Reputation-Revolution helped me with an online attack that happened a short time ago and took very good care of me. I will definately recommend to others.

Randy R.



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